Sunday, July 5, 2009

local fireworks

This is a picture of a lilly that Mary has growing by an old large stump. There are a number of the lilly plants growing around its base. Saturday morning we had fried eggs with some broiled spam light and a cinnamon bagel. And then it was off to the Mt. Dora flea market. We had lunch there which was a corn dog, small fries and a soda for each of us. The corn dog was good. The corn meal coating gave it a nice flavor. Of course I literally drowned the french fries in ketchup which made them extra special good. Where we ate at the flea market it was air conditioned and they had nice tables and benches to sit on. But most of the flea market was not air conditioned. When we arrived in the late morning, it was already hot at the flea market. The vendors stalls are inside a long structure with a tin roof. I was sweating profusely and my shirt was getting wet from the perspiration running down. We had lunch in air conditioned comfort at 12:30 and then headed back into the hot non-air conditioned area. Hot is an understatement. They had numerous fans up by the ceiling about every 20 feet to circulate the air. In the afternoon they turned on misters which sprayed a fine mist of water in front of the fan. I couldn’t tell that it helped that much. Perhaps it would have been worse without the misters. But it was oppressively hot. It reminded me of the movie The Bridge Over the River Kwai where Alec Guiness is put into a box in the hot sun as punishment. The same is true of the movie Cool Hand Luke where Paul Newman is put into a box in the hot sun for punishment. Well, that was how I felt, like I was in a hot box in the sun which is where I was in a sense. The building could be considered just a great big box and the hot sun was beating down on it heating the interior to intolerable discomfort. But Mary and I found some good buys and so everything did work out for the best. Then it was on to home after making a couple of stops along the way. Mary always gets vegetable at the flea markets whenever we go. The vegetables always look so good and at the peak of ripeness. Mary got some romaine lettuce and some plum tomatoes which were served at supper which was teriyaki roast pork loin and pasta salad on the side. The afternoon was spent in the house because of the intense heat outside. Iwas looking forward to an incredible fireworks display right here in the neighborhood put on by the surrounding neighbors. It is always a nice display each year. All of the firecrackers makes it sound like a war zone and the rockets in the sky look like downtown Baghdad at the beginning of Desert Storm. The smell of the gunpowder from the fireworks just permeates the air and lies like a heavy fog which reminds of the beach scene in the movie with Robert Duvall in the movie Apocalypse Now where he says “There’s nothing like the smell of napalm in the morning”. I guess that I am just a movie buff but I do like the movies. The thunderous uproar of the fireworks always continues until around midnight. I elected not to buy any of the fireworks because of the prices. They seem to be so expensive. I couldn’t believe what they were selling for at Wal-Mart. So I will just stand out on the front porch and watch the neighbors set off their fireworks. This morning we had powdered sugar donuts and grits for breakfast. I always like my grits very well cooked and so I started the preparation of my grits early. I don’t like for grits to taste gritty. The donuts are really cranberry orange muffins made in a donut baking pan. Lew

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seaside said...

You have more tolerance than I with non air-conditioning areas. I believe Tuesday is your Senior day at the movies. You should stay plenty cool there.