Friday, April 30, 2010


I got a picture of Tammy the cat as she was coming through the backdoor. It wasn’t until I viewed the picture that I saw what appeared to be a scar on her face.

Poor kitty. It looked like a battle-scar from what must have been a terrible cat fight. After all she does lead a protected and pampered life and is not a rough and tumble alley cat. But on taking a closer look, the scar started to look more like some things that fell off from a tree when everything was blooming. I went out into the backyard and I found the “scar”.

She must have had one of these draped over her face and for some reason she tolerated it.

This is actually quite small and is only about one and a half inches long. It must be the equivalent of flowers to the tree and falls off when the flowering season is over. She doesn’t have a scar on her face but this item from the tree made it look as though she did. There were hundreds and hundreds of these on the ground. You can see them on the cement behind her.

Such a cat. Definitely never a dull moment with her. She keeps me entertained with her antics. Have a good day. Lew

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