Thursday, April 1, 2010

some days you step in it

I was walking in the front yard when I saw this mound on the ground. My immediate thoughts were “you know what”. We only have a small chihuahua dog and a cat and neither one makes “mound” this big.

I thought that the convolutions were strange. We have numerous moles in the yard which make mounds but they are typically rounded. I nudged the pile with my shoe and it consists of loose sand. Nothing but sand all the way down to the ground. No insects like ants appeared when I disturbed the mound with my shoe like what happens with a fire ant mound. I have found out the hard way that disturbing a fire ant mound is definitely not the thing to do. In the past I have been digging in the ground in the yard and have come across a large grub which I assume is a circadia grub. I think that the circadia grub lives in the ground for a couple of years and only comes up to the surface as the circadia beetle for reproduction. Could this be the builder of the mounds? However, I really don’t think that it is a circadia grub. Having worked in the medical field, the convolutions of these mounds remind me of the convolutions of the brain. A far stretch of the imagination but that is what convoluted mounds remind me of (besides "you know what"). I have seen these mounds from time to time in other parts of the yard. They have me baffled as to what is creating them. I would look on the internet but I wouldn’t know where to even start. The only thing that I can come up with is a mole. I am hoping that Villager might know and be able to enlighten me.

Cinnamon swirl bread was the toast of choice this morning along with a cup of coffee. Coffee and toast gets me ready for the day. Have a fun day and have lunch at the food court at a nearby shopping mall. Lew

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