Wednesday, April 28, 2010

teeny tiny yellow flower

I was walking outside when I noticed the tiniest of flowers. They were so small that the only thing that I could notice was how bright yellow they were. I decided to take a picture and then enlarge it on my computer so that I could see the flowers better.

The leaves remind me of a three-leaf clover but this is definitely not a clover. It is amazing, such a pretty flower it is and so easily passed by because of its diminutive size.

It is springtime and so everything is abloom with all varieties and colors of flowers. And in Albany, New York where I lived for a short time, they have the tulip festival each spring. In their large park there are literally thousands and thousands of tulips planted and blooming of every color imaginable. It is quite a sight to see. But that is alright because I have my multitude of wildflowers (don’t say weeds or their feelings will be hurt). Have a relaxing day and enjoy the sights of spring. Lew

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