Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Panda bears

This is a painting that Mary did of Panda bears. I particularly like all of the detail that she put into painting the background. Just look at the realism of the rocks. It takes a lot of effort and a lot of time for her to do that. She seems to have the patience for it but I don’t think that I could do something that tedious.

This is just another sunny and glorious day here in paradise (Florida). It is nice. I go outside and work around the yard for a while and when I get hot I just come inside to get cool. If I am really hot I will sit in front of the fan in the living room eating a sugar-free popsicle. That combination cools me down real quick. We watch Judge Judy each day at 4:00 which we enjoy. I always try to guess which person she is going to rule in favor of. Mary has ordered two computer desks for the computer room which should be delivered some time this week. Of course, “some assembly required”. Even with the instructions, I am sure that I will be trying to figure out where things go, etc.. The shipping weight of the desks is 68 pounds each and so they should be good sturdy desks. Mary is trying to update the computer room. It is like an office in the room with file cabinet, multiple bookshelves, electric pencil sharpener, and on and on. A lot of stuff. Gotta go. It is time for lunch and we are having fettuccini alfredo. Yummy. Lew

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