Sunday, April 4, 2010

it's cooler in the shade

Nothing like a nice cool shady spot under a chair when it is hot and the sun is high in a cloud-less sky. Whoever used the term “dumb animal”? Looks pretty smart to me. Today is Sunday and breakfast was fried eggs and corned beef hash which has been browned in a toaster oven. English muffins with butter (actually margarine) and strawberry jam rounded out the breakfast. This morning there is some serious fog. Very thick. It will take quite a while for the sun to burn-off this fog. The air outside is cool which probably contributed to the fog. I am anxiously awaiting the shuttle launch tomorrow. I like to turn on the live broadcast on television about an hour before the launch to listen to the pre-launch commentary just like I use to do in the early days of the space launches. I am trying to recapture the magic and thrill of those early days of NASA and all the excitement that was generated by a launch. I want to maximize my enjoyment of the few remaining shuttle launches before they are no-more. Enjoy tomorrow’s launch either in person or on television. Lew

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