Monday, April 12, 2010

ever skyward

It is spring time and time for the birds to build their nests in the trees. We have a gray-colored bird that defends its nest and territory with great zeal. I have heard this bird called "cat bird" because they will dive-bomb cats mercilessly to chase the cats away. There must be a nest in the camphor tree right by the back door of the garage. I see these birds in the tree and they always seem to be in an agitated state. That is probably why Tammy the cat is ever looking upward watching for a dive bomb attack by these birds. She is so paranoid about it that she even looks up even when she is in the garage looking out the garage window like in the picture above.

Mary and I both got brand new computer desks which are nice. Mary is trying to revamp the computer room which is really one of the bedrooms that has been converted into an office. Now we are looking for a replacement bookcase. I love my new computer, it is so fast.

We won't be going to the movies tomorrow because there is nothing that we care to see. It has been so long since we have been to a movie (at least a couple of weeks) I can hardly remember what popcorn tastes like. I like the big screen of the movie theaters because I can just lose myself in the movie. And the sound is really good also. I pose a question to anyone reading this blog; what was the very first movie that you can remember seeing in a movie theater? It takes a bit of thought as you travel backward in time in your memories. A long way back. Can you remember it? The first movie picture that I ever saw was called The Boy With Green Hair starring Dean Stockwell. And yes it was as terrible as the title sounds. It's only significance was that for me it was the first movie in a movie theater. I was with my parents. In my little hamlet, there wasn't much choice since there was only one movie theater. The man selling the tickets would go inside the lobby after selling tickets to people and man the refreshment counter with popcorn and candy. He didn't have to sell soda though. There was this soda machine that dispensed the soda in a paper cup. It would even give you ice in you drink if you wanted it but I never went for that because then I would get less soda. The seats were molded wood and very hard. There was one steam radiator in the back corner of the theater and the theater would fill up from that corner outward in the cold winter months. I remember being heavily bundled up in the winter time and cold watching the movie. The theater is gone now (torn down) and I don't know what the people do now for movies. Oh by the way, the guy who sold the tickets and manned the concession stand would run up a flight of stairs to the projection booth to start the movie (I told you that it was a small hamlet that I lived in.

Have a great time and stop and eat at a fast food place on the spur of the moment. Isn't that a fun thing to do? Lew

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