Saturday, May 1, 2010


In the garage I saw what looked like a giant mosquito up on the wall next to the door. I took a closer look and when I saw the transparency of the wings I knew that it was a lacewing.

The wings appear to be so delicate. I left the lacewing alone to go its way unharried. The lacewing in a way reminds me of my mother. Sound strange? My mom always seemed to know what I was doing, even when she had her back to me. I use to ask her how she knew what I was doing and she use to tell me that she had eyes in the back of her head. When I was very young, I would look steadfastly at the back of her head trying to see these extra eyes. In a child's innocence and gullibility I would say "I don't see any eyes on the back of your head." My mom would respond with "Oh, my hair is covering them." This seemed a logical explanation and so I had to behave myself even when she had her back to me. My mom was a good mom and always kind which made for a pleasant childhood. So how does this tie in with the lacewing? In the picture you can see that the lacewing has small eyes on the back of his head.

I heard that there was a prediction that the oil from the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will reach the east coast of Florida in about a week. What will Seaside do? All of those nice beach pictures may get ruined by the appearance of the oil. When I lived in Miami, I always had to take a can of lighter fluid to the beach with me. There were these sticky tar ball things in the water lying on the bottom. I couldn't see them and when stepped on they left a gooey black tarry junk on the bottom of my foot. When I left the water, I would use the can of lighter fluid to dissolve the tar off of my foot. Rumor was this tarry stuff was the result of oil tankers discharging the gunky stuff that remained in the bottom of the holds of the ships after they had off-loaded their oil at the port. This gunk would then slowly wash into shore as these tar balls and the bathers would step into them. Is this the fate that awaits New Smyrna Beach and Daytona Beach? Could be. We will have to wait and see.

Summer is here and it is hot, hot, hot and humid, humid, humid. Thank goodness for air conditioning.   Take care and think cool.   Lew

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