Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This is Mary's April painting called "Shackleton". The name was taken from a book she had read about The Shackleton Expedition to the Arctic in the early 1900's. The painting is done in oil on an 8 x 10 Wooden plaque. Shackleton had left his men on an island on the Artic Polar Ice after his ship was frozen in ice, the ship was crushed and sunk. Shackleton then took one of the life boats back to civilization and got help, then came back to rescue his men. The picture is of the lifeboat that he set sail in to get help. He was a hero and saved them all. The picture is very colorful and depicts the story quite well. Mary is now painting a still-life of flowers in a vase on a table. It also should be quite colorful. She has the patience to do these paintings which I could never do.

Have a nice day and I hope that everyone got to watch the space shuttle land at the Kennedy Space Center today on television if they weren't able to see it live. Take care. Lew

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