Saturday, April 3, 2010

half-a-cup of coffee

Have you ever heard a waitress say to a customer " More coffee?", and the customer says, "Yes please, but only half a cup." Across the street is this orange tree which like the half cup of coffee is half full of oranges. At first glance it seemed strange for there to be oranges on only half of the tree.

Then I realized that someone must have taken the oranges from the tree limbs which hung over the fence. And so no oranges were on that half of the tree. There use to be a house on this lot but it was torn down and now sits vacant making it easy access for anyone wanting to pick the oranges from the overhanging limbs. Just look at that big "mud-truck" next to the house. I bet that it could probably go almost anywhere. Have a pleasant day and don't forget about the upcoming shuttle launch. Lew

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