Wednesday, April 14, 2010


This is one of the numerous orange blossoms that we have on the orange tree in the backyard. People living in Long Island don't have to wory about how many orange blossoms there ard on the orange tree in their backyard. Oh, they have a backyard alright, just no orange trees. How sad, no homemade orange marmalade. But, hopefully we will get a bountiful crop of oranges this year and have lots of orange juice, fresh oranges, and appetizers made of sectioned oranges. I guess that them northern yankees can get all of that at their local grocery store.

I was working in the shed in the back yard and I was listening to music on my MP3 player. My MP3 is so small and yet holds so many songs (around 240). It sure has the old portable cassette players beat in all ways. As my player went through the play-list playing one song after another, I started hearing my favorite Michael Jackson song, “Ben”. It is such a pretty song and I just never seem to tire of it. It is a very relaxing song. The title of the song also reminds me of an Orlando coworker named Ben. I barely knew Ben but I could tell that he was a very friendly and gentle person. I sometimes think about my old coworkers and wonder how they are doing. Now if you don’t have the song Ben at home and you feel a little stressed, then check out a Michael Jackson music CD from the library that has the song Ben on it, pop it into you CD player, then tilt yourself back in the Lazy-Boy lounge chair, put on the headphones, close your eyes and enjoy the tranquility of the music. I am a fan of Michael Jackson’s music and I like most all of his songs. His music videos are excellent also. I try to separate his musical talents from his personal problems. The local library has so many music CD’s that can be checked out. And best of all, all of those CD’s are free to listen to.

The weather here in Orlando is absolutely delightful right now and I am reveling in it. But summer, along with the high heat and even higher humidity is coming. People living near the beach can get that nice cool ocean breeze. That cool ocean breeze is also good for flying kites. I haven’t seen the ocean in so long which I hope to correct this summer. Seaside’s pictures bring back pleasant memories but I think that I would like to get my feet wet in the surf and buy one of those little globe-shaped jars of orange marmalade in the souvenir shops. Have a fun day. Lew

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