Monday, September 28, 2009

a miracle

It was Saturday and the neighbors were having a party. It was not a house party but an outside party in the backyard. As the day wore on, the party kept going and seemed to be growing. As night came the party was still going strong much like the Energizer battery bunny. And there was music the whole time. Lots of music. So loud that we could hear it inside the house. Where do people get speakers so big? Then it was time to go to bed and the party was still going. Would it never end? To call the police would probably turn normally good neighbors into bad neighbors. After all they were a married couple with young children. They were just getting a little exuberant with their party. What to do about the situation occupied our minds when it happened, a miracle. A cloudburst of torrential tropical rain. So much rain so fast that frogs would have drowned. The music immediately ended and we had peace and quiet all night long. An answer to our dilemma. A miracle! A small miracle, but definitely a miracle that it chose to rain right over our neighborhood at that particular time and a Noah’s ark type of storm.

The next morning I sat in the dining room having my toast and coffee looking out the east window which faces the neighbors backyard when I saw the mess. What a mess. Evidently, they just dropped everything and ran for the house and their cars. The rain had ended the party. Who is going to clean up this mess. Yeah, you are probably right. After all, that is why they say that a woman’s work is never done. I didn’t see who actually cleaned up the mess but hopefully the husband helped. And so how was your weekend. Any miracles? Lew

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seaside said...

Our air conditioning unit kind of drowns out the noise of any parties. It also keeps us cool during the extreme heat.