Sunday, September 13, 2009

I had figured that Lillian’s plant had run its course but to my surprise, now there are two flowers on it. I put some Miracle Gro liquid fertilizer into the pot and this was the result.

It is doing so well and the colors are so intense. Has anyone else had any success with the seeds from the wedding?

Isn’t this just a gorgeous flower? It is such a struggle to get anything to grow so that when something does grow, I have a tendency to get all excited about it. See the bud in the picture above? Since the above picture has been taken, the bud has opened up and now there are three flowers.
With all of the rain, today was a stay-at-home day. However, Mary did go to Michael’s late this afternoon to get some art supplies that she needed. Her brushes keep giving out and have to be replaced. She wanted to drive her car to charge the battery and circulate the oil around inside the engine. Since she has retired, her car doesn’t get driven very often.

Tomorrow will be a busy day and we will probably eat lunch out. Tuesday we are going to the movies at West Oaks Mall to see the movie Whiteout. Mary has already received a coupon for a free popcorn which is a $ 4.50 savings. The movie is a mystery set in Antarctica. A good movie for hot weather. Maybe seeing all of the snow and ice will act like a placebo and make me feel cooler. The humidity was just so terribly high today. We are already getting days when the temperature doesn’t even reach 90 degrees but the humidity is still there.
Everyone have a nice day and enjoy this miserable rotten hot humid weather so that when the weather gets better we can all say “I remember that it was so hot this past summer and.........”.

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seaside said...

I haven't seen a movie in ages. I hope you see a good one. Enjoy the popcorn.