Saturday, September 12, 2009

strobe effect

One day I took a picture in the garage and noticed that the blades in the fan were not blurred. The fan was running. I thought to myself, Wow, what a great camera I have. The speed of the camera is so fast that it "froze" the motion of the fan blades. This was really something. Then I started to wonder if it had been perhaps the stroboscopic effect of the flash from the camera that had actually stopped the blade motion. I went back into the garage and turned the fan on high speed and took a picture with the flash "on" is the one that you see above. Then I shut the flash "off" on the camera and took another picture which is the one you see below.
Sure enough, the fan was blurred. So what I have is a camera with a slow exposure speed but with a fast flash. I will have to remember this for future picture taking. If I want to freeze the motion of something, I will be sure to turn the flash on or get one of those fancy cameras with all those razzle dazzle things and large lens like Seaside uses. I learned something new about taking picture taking with digital cameras. Have a nice day. Here in Orlando, FL today is going to be a rainy day. Lots of rain which Florida is famous for. Lew

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