Friday, September 25, 2009

up, up, and away

Up, up, and away. This is the launch of the Delta rocket as seen from Orlando. It was a beautiful clear sky but with a bright sun to the east which is causing the glare on the right hand side of the picture. I got to see the lift on TV and then ran outside to get this picture. This was a good day. I had a visit from the Fed Ex delivery man and he brought me my repaired laptop. The laptop works just fine now and they didn’t format my hard drive in the repair process. They completed the repairs in short order. I really wasn’t expecting to get it back this soon. Each afternoon I have been doing shopping for Mary’s upcoming birthday. It is an important day for her since it only comes once a year. Now that I have my laptop back, I can start posting some blogs again. I typically compose them on the laptop and then transfer them to my desk-top computer which is the one that is on-line. I don’t like to take the time for writing blogs when I am on-line because I am busy doing other stuff related to my studies, which is usually looking up detailed meanings for medical terms. Gotta go, I don’t want to wear out the laptop because I just got it back. Have a nice day. Lew

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seaside said...

Getting your laptop back is like getting your driving wheels back. Yahoo!!! The rocket launch over at the beach was a little yellow light and then the white stream. My pictures this time were not nearly as good as what you took. I just wasn't prepared. It may turn out that rocket launches maybe harder to take than shuttle launches. Are you ready for the cooler weather? I sure am!!!