Saturday, September 19, 2009

stuck kitty

Oh my gosh, poor Tammy is stuck in the railing. How will I ever get her out? Do I call the fire department and have them come and free the kitty? In reality, she isn't stuck at all even though it sure looks like she is. In reality she has real fluffy fur and is just one giant fluff ball. She actually passed right on through the rail in one continuous motion and she did it with ease. The camera froze the action at the right moment to make it look like the poor little kitty was stuck. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time to get this memorable picture. She just has fun all day wandering around the yard chasing grasshoppers and lizards.
Oh yes, an she also likes to play with her lazy friend Tony. Tony is a feral cat who hangs around here. He likes to sleep on the stump of an old oak tree. He seems to like to twist his head around so that it is upside down when he sleeps. Tammy does the same thing. What a life these cats have.
Since we didn't go to Captain D's fish restaurant yesterday because of the emergency with the water heater, we are going to go today. But first it is off to the library to get some more DVD's to watch. Like anything else, some of the DVD's are good and some aren't so good. But speaking of the library, it is time to go. I want to get there before the DVD's are picked over and all of the good ones are gone. Have a nice day and treat yourself to something nice today, like a nice slice of pecan pie or sugar free popsicles. Take care. Lew

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seaside said...

Taking a break from watching "Dancing with the Stars',I haven't been overly wowed by the performance this evening. What I wanted to say is the pictures are great. I like the upside down kitty. It shows real character.