Thursday, October 1, 2009

bunny cabana

bunny cabana. Well, sort of a cabana. There is no ocean or seashore but it is outside in the back yard and he goes there to play and have fun but yet have shelter from the sun. The bottom of the cage has a very large size mesh. Probably about 4” x 8”. This allows him to be able to walk (or should I say hop) on the grass as you can see in the picture below.

But he is a smart bunny. He knows that if he can reach the latching mechanism and
rotate it and slide it back he can get out the door. Here he is trying to make an escape.

He has a bowl of water, some lettuce to munch on, and grass under his feet. Bunny paradise. He almost has the latching mechanism figured out but he just has trouble reaching it. Time to go. The sky is starting to turn a dim blue as dawn is breaking. Another day. Another adventure. Each day is truly unique and memorable. Be sure to take time to smell the flowers. Really. When you see a flower, go over to it and smell it. But don’t pick it. Although some flowers don’t seem to have a fragrance from afar but up close they can have the most wonderful aromas. No wonder butterflies like them so much. Have one terrific day. Lew

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Anonymous said...

Lew, that "Bunny Cabana" is the cutest story yet. Benny Bunny looks like he is trying to make an escape. Maybe he is smarter than we think he is.......Mary