Friday, September 18, 2009

sittin' and waitin'

Just a sittin' and a waitin' for the plumber to call. The thermostat had a wire connection burn out. There must have been some kind of short because as you can see below the fiberglass insulation was burnt black also.

Mary was the first one to notice something wrong. The circuit breaker panel was making a buzzing noise and then the circuit breaker for the water heater tripped off. Isn't it nice when safety devices work properly when they are suppose to. We went into the garage and there was a terrible smell of burnt electrical something. I removed the access panels of on the water heater and discovered the damaged thermostat. Fortunately it was early and the plumber is on the way to save the day. Pioneering families out on the prarie may have taken cold water baths but I prefer nice hot water. I guess that I have become very urbanized and very spoiled to the modern things in life. Gott go. The plumber called while I was typing this and he is on his way. The plumber should be here any minute. Lew

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seaside said...

I am glad you got the water heater fixed.It is a terrible feeling when something breaks down.