Monday, September 7, 2009

The Three Musketeers

I saw these three different flowers in the flower garden and the name The Three Musketeers came to mind. The blue flower on the left is a mystery flower. Neither Mary or I know what the name is. Of course the flower in the middle is a periwinkle and the flower on the right is the hibiscus.

Isn’t the hibiscus absolutely magnificent. The color is so intense and rich. Mary commented that this hibiscus must be the type that grows low to the ground because it just doesn’t get any taller and it produces plenty of flowers.
This was a stay at home day, a mow the grass day, and for Mary a bathe the bunny day. It is terribly hot outside but it is September and I am happy because I have made it through another summer. It is like riding my bicycle over a hill. I struggle going up the hill but once I reach the top the hard part is over with and then I coast down the hill. August 31 was the peak of the heat hill and after September 1, I am coasting down the hill of hot weather to the cool days of autumn.
I cooked hamburgers for lunch on the grill today because that is traditional for Labor Day. Tonight we are having the baked turkey with cubed baked potatoes and of course cranberry sauce.
The rabbit seems to be getting a little friendlier. He lets me brush him now. There is a cardboard box in the dining room next to where I sit. The Chihuahua uses the box to jump on and then jump up onto the chair that he customarily lays on while Mary and I are in the dining room. The rabbit will jump up onto the box and wait for me to brush him with an old soft hair brush. He jumped up on the box twice this afternoon for a brushing. When we are in the dining room Mary brings the rabbit in so that he can run around. Mary blew up one of those thick skin sock-em balloons. We use those because they are very durable and the rabbit doesn’t break them. He likes to run in circles around the balloon. He will be sitting on the scatter rug and then run over to the balloon, run around it and back to the rug. After half a minute, he repeats the whole thing. He will keep this up for around 10 minutes. He really seems to enjoy it. He is not afraid of either the cat or the dog and all of the animals get along with each other real well. I hope that everyone has a nice Labor Day celebration. Lew

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