Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I went to get a picture of the marigolds because they are doing so well with all of this rain. They seem to be getting taller. And they are forever dropping seeds onto the dirt beneath them. Then something caught my eye. Something that wasn’t suppose to be there. An intruder! There was an intruder among the marigolds.

The intruders were toadstools. Growing and feasting on the wood of the dead tree stump. It is really amazing how rapidly they grow. Well, this was the blog that I was suppose to post today but I did a repeat post by accident.

How do you like the cooler weather? When I stepped outside this morning it was quite cool. In fact, almost chilly, but not quite. Was Lew right about the weather getting cooler in September? You bet he was. See why every year I celebrate September 1? Happy times of cool weather are coming.

Tomorrow is dental day for getting a crown. Getting a crown sounds a bit regal doesn’t it? Unfortunately it is not that kind of a crown. The best part of the whole experience of getting dental crown work done is when I am walking out the door. And the price! Well, we won’t even discuss that because it will make me deeply depressed. Thinking about the cost of the crown makes me depressed but talking about it makes me deeply depressed. And writing out the check to pay for the crown is something that I try not to think about. Do you know how many times I could go to Cicci’s pizza for the cost of a crown? Lots and lots. And the Golden Corral? A whole bunch.

Tonight was Vietnamese food night. Mary tried a recipe from the Vietnamese cookbook that she got from the library. The main dish was pork with vegetables and the side dish was fried green beans. It was good. I like Chinese cooking and the Vietnamese dish was like Chinese food. I like egg rolls at a Chinese restaurant but they are expensive. So once a very long time ago I went to a Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet and had nothing but egg rolls. Lots and lots of egg rolls. Considering how expensive they are on the menu I think that I got my monies worth that night. For lunch we had turkey sandwiches which is traditional for a few days following a turkey dinner which we had on Sunday.

Have a nice evening and enjoy the sights of nature. Beauty is all around us. Today a lady bug landed on the front of my shirt. I thought that it was neat. I tried unsuccessfully to get a picture of it and ended up putting it into the grape vines where there are probably plenty of aphids. We have had problems with aphids in the grape vines in the past and lady bugs love aphids so the lady bug should be absolutely ecstatic right about now. Take care and carpe diem. Lew

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