Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garden theater tour

This is the interior of the Garden theater. I got to go on a guided and narrated tour of the theater. I thought that the little lights in the ceiling representing stars was a nice touch. Then I noticed a cluster of stars in one spot on the ceiling. In this picture you can just barely see the cluster at the very top of the picture on the right side. Can you see it? Here is a close-up of it.

I asked the tour guide if there was any significance to the cluster of stars. She told me that the stars were suppose to be the little dipper. If you look at it from the correct angle it does sort of look like the constellation the little dipper.
The tour was very nice with a lot of historical information on the theater. We even got to go backstage where the dressing rooms are as well as the lounge areas or green room as they call it. In addition to the movies, live theater plays are performed here as well. They will be having the musical Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat this fall. I saw this production of Joseph and the Tehcnicolor Dreamcoat performed professionally in West Palm Beach with Sam Harris in the lead role. The production was very lavish in the costumes and the sets. Sam Harris was the very first winner in the singing category of the television show Star Search. The singing and music was great. It is a musical tale of a biblical story.

This is one of the two dressing rooms for the actors and actresses. In the reflection in the mirror is our tour guide who is dressed in a black blouse and white slacks. The other people are some of the members of the tour group. I think that there were around eight people all total. They are also looking for volunteers to help with the production of Joesph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat. She said that they had around 100 volunteers already but that they needed more. Once you put in enough volunteer hours, you can see the production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat for free. Just give them a call to sign up for volunteering. The tour guide said that they will be using local talent for the actual production. It is a nice theater. Lew

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