Friday, September 18, 2009

new water heater

The repairman came out to repair the old water heater and said that he thought that the water heater had a leak because the fiberglass insulation was sopping wet and he could feel a hot spot on the side of the tank. So we got a new water heater from the plumber. The old one was 10 years old. Now we have nice hot water. Evidently this plumber had put quite a few of these in because he was very mechnical in doing the replacement and it went one, two, three. He had it done in no time. And Mary has already decorated the top of the water heater with artificial flowers to pretty it up.

Tomorrow is Saturday and that means "big breakfast". Mary is planning on fried eggs, bacon, homemade hash browns and probably some toast. When we went to the bread store earlier in the week they had gotten the pineapple preserves back into the store. We got a jar and I am looking forward to having some of it on my toast. My laptop computer is boxed up and ready to ship to Hewlett Packard on Monday. I will be glad to get it back after the repairs. It is a really nice laptop but just had a bad motherboard. Everyone have a nice day. Lew

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seaside said...

What a lovely breakfast. It is back to english muffins and cereal for me. We also have the top of our water heater decorated. It really is to hide the strange thing on top of the water heater.