Friday, July 2, 2010


This is Mary’s latest painting which she calls simply Raccoons. She paints in oil and puts a lot of fine detail in her paintings. The monarch butterfly in the lower left corner is a nice touch. The hours that she puts into each painting is mind boggling. I just wouldn’t have the patience for it. To me raccoons always look like bandits because of the black mask across the eyes. And they are bandits in a way when on their nocturnal forays they decide to raid your garbage can looking for something to eat. They seem to adapt to living around people so well. I look forward to her next painting which is the colorful Baltimore Oriole. Have a nice day wherever you may be. Lew


David Libby said...

My name is David Libby and I was looking to contact artist Mary Dallas concerning her Raccoon painting.
See can reach me at
Sincerely, David Libby

Sandi Hinchey said...
found your caterpillar and it is called azalea caterpillar my e mail is