Saturday, July 3, 2010

tenny weeny

As I was walking in the front yard, a small but intense color caught my eye. I stopped and looked and saw that it was a teeny tiny flower.

How many times had I walked by it and didn’t notice this little flower. Of course I went and got my camera. I laid a ruler on the ground so that others could appreciate just how small it was.

The camera with its close-up mode lets me see the flower as if I were a little ant standing on the ground next to it.

What wonders the little ant must see each day that we humans miss entirely. I know that the flower is blurry due to the magnification but just look at the intensity of the color. And yet it is so small and easily missed. Have a nice day and keep an eye out for the beauty that surrounds us each day but is oft missed. Lew

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