Sunday, July 25, 2010

military exhibits

I went to a community center near the house and there were people who dress in period dress and military uniforms from different periods of time. I take my hjat off to these people who did this because it was so hot and their uniforms looked to be made out of very heavy material. They were participating in an exhibition of military memorabilia. This is a picture of a Gatling gun that was on display.

Just crank the handle and fire away. As you can tell from the shine on the brass, the weapon is in superfine condition. Inside the community center they had countless items and artifacts on display.

Plus there were so many people in military outfits strolling around. They were very nice and would explain their particular uniform and answer all questions.

I think that the biggest exhibit was a patrol boat from the Vietnam war era.

There were so many pictures that I only included very few in this blog. I hope that you enjoyed them. Take care and go out and visit a museum this week-end. Lew

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