Wednesday, June 30, 2010

dog days of summer

The dog days of summer. Or perhaps I should say “the cat days of summer”. And who came up with the expression “dumb animals”? That term doesn’t apply to our cat Tammy. On a hot summer day she finds some shade (preferably on some nice cool cement steps), stretches out, relaxes, and “lazes”. She is a long hair cat and so she has this enormous fur coat that she has to wear during the summer. But the cat isn’t the only thing that is suffering from the heat and the glare of the summer sun.

The paint on the roof of Mary’s car has suffered also from years of exposure to the sunlight. Actually it was the plastic overcoat that they put on top of the paint that suffered. It started to blister and peel. A trip to Maaco auto body repair for repainting the roof took care of the problem. Now Mary moves her car from her sunny parking space to the shade of an oak tree (southern oak).

Once the sun goes down she moves the car back to its parking space. Since she doesn’t drive her car all that much (we usually take the pick-up truck), this moving of the car is good for the car. And today is another hot day so after parking the car in the shade it will be a good day to head to the air conditioned mall for some shopping. Going to the mall on a weekday is nice because they are not crowded with throngs of people. It makes for a very pleasant and casual style of shopping. Some times we will have lunch at the food court which is fun because there is such a wide selection of food (including chinese food). Have a pleasant day wherever you may be. Lew

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