Sunday, July 18, 2010

monkey see, monkey do

Since Seaside featured a car in their blog, I decided to do the same. Sort of like "monkey see, monkey do" or keeping up with the Jones's.

This is Mary at the Hialeah Speedway racetrack in Miami. She is posing with the winning driver of the main race. It was a lot of fun going to the races. These are the small town type races. I like these better than the big NASCAR races. With these hometown races you get to sit real close to the track and all of the action. And the roar of the engines as a pack of cars come by is amazingly loud. There is a similar track here in Orlando in Bithlo which is east of Orlando. I haven't been to this racetrack yet because it is such a long drive to it and I hear that it is so popular that the crowds are large. Next weekend try something different to do and go to a local race track. It will definitely be exciting. Have a nice day and a day free of tarballs. Lew

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