Friday, July 9, 2010

gazebo vs sun shade

This is sometimes referred to as a gazebo. But I think the alternate name of sun shade may be more appropriate. When I hear the word gazebo, I think of a small structure with a lot of lattice work on it. But it said gazebo on the box but I think that may be just some fanciful wording. I am just not sure what the actual name is for something like this. I am hoping that Villager might know and "clue" me in. We got it from a high end thrift store for only $10. This store had lots of used items that were really nice and most of them had a high price tag on them. It was almost more like an antique store or a store with collectibles. My definition of collectibles are low priced antiques from that are usually not more than forty years old. But this gazebo will work well for Mary who likes to sit outside and read. The sun doesn’t seem to bother her as much as it does me. The heat just seems to sap the energy right out of me. This sun shelter (gazebo) will keep the sun off of her with its shade while she is reading. We also plan on having barbeques out here with the barbeque sitting on the table in the foreground with the blue cover. But the barbeques will have to wait for cooler weather. But it should all work out really good for cooking when the weather cooperates a little bit more by cooling some. What about hurricanes, you ask? Yeah, we will have to take it down if a hurricane comes, even if it only comes near. Fortunately it disassembles fairly quickly. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to get it apart. But for the price of $10, we just couldn’t refuse it.

You can see how thick the grass is in the picture of the gazebo. Well, it got cut today by Mary riding around both the front yard and back yard on her new ride-it mower.

She really zips around the yard with that mower: stopping, shifting gears to put it into reverse to back up, and then shifting gears again to go forward. She says that she drives it in low gear but she goes pretty fast with it. She really makes some super tight turns with the mower as well. She really likes the ride-it mower because it is easy to handle. Today she got a little bit too close to the bougainvillea bush and got stuck real hard by it on her hand. This bush is notorious for the length of its thorns and sharpness. Wherever you are, have a nice day and enjoy the days of summer. If you live in Florida, have a nice refreshing glass of lemonade. But if you live in Long Island, go to the nearest Nathan’s hot dog shop and have “across the board” which means one of everything: one mustard dog, one chili dog, one kraut dog, one cheese dog and so on. And if you live in Logan, then just got to the food court at the mall and walk past all of the eateries partaking of a free sample from each food vendor and you will be filled up for free. Enjoy life. Lew

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