Friday, July 16, 2010

colorful tree

What a magnificent tree. The picture doesn’t do justice to the intensity of the color. This tree is several blocks from the house. Where else but in Florida would you find a tree of this beauty. Logan? No. Long Island? Nope. Orlando? Yes. Not only can you have a tree like this growing on your front yard, but you can work inside a tree if you like. This is a tree at Disney that I use to work inside of.

This is the Tree of Life and inside the tree is a large theater showing a 3D movie called It’s Tough to be a Bug.

Here is Mary posing at the entrance of a winding path that leads to the base of the tree and the entrance to the interior of the tree where the theater is. I always felt like the Keebler elves who make Keebler cookies inside a tree. Actually the picture of the Keebler tree printed on the package of cookies looks very much like the Tree of Life. Get a package of cookies and see for yourself. And then sit down with a glass of milk and eat the cookies (after being dunked in milk). Have a nice day and enjoy the cookies. Lew

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