Sunday, July 25, 2010

crazy cat

We have this cat that seems to love the heat. She is a long hair cat which I thought would make her even warmer. She prefers to be outside in the heat of the day instead of in the nice cool air conditioned house. She likes to lay in the garage which is even hotter.

She comes in to eat around noon-time and as soon as she is finished eating she begs to go back outside again. Plus she is very persistent, she will beg and beg with her meows until we let her out. Why on earth would she want to be out in that heat. We also have a little chihuahua dog and he can't waits to get back into the house. But not the cat, it's the heat that she prefers. She would probably love it at the beach on a hot sunny day.

The cat was suffering from fleas a few months back. The veterinarian gave (sold) us a teeny tiny plastic tube of a liquid medicine that we apply once a month on her back between her shoulder blades. No more fleas. It is a mini-miracle. We do the same for the dog and his flea problem is also gone. Everyone have a nice day. I just wanted to mention about the cat preferring the intensely hot summer heat to the coolness of the house. Does anyone have any ideas why this is so? Take care. Lew

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