Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When Mary and I went grocery shopping on Monday, she got some blueberries. They were quite inexpensive. It must be the peak of the blueberry season and thus the blueberries are plentiful. I know that usually they are expensive. I saw on the label that they are produced in Winter Haven, Florida.

They were really plump and sweet.

They were good to just eat plain by the handful but they wouldn't last very long doing that. So we decided to put them on our cereal in the morning.

Now doesn't that look like a nice wholesome breakfast? We usually have cereal on weekday mornings and reserve the week-ends for the big breakfasts. On Saturday's it is usually eggs and a meat and on Sundays it is usually pancakes or waffles. The strawberries are good on the cereal because they are fully ripe and sweet. When blueberries are not quite ripe they can be a little firm and really sour like a sour cherry. Where I grew up in New York, I found an apple orchard that had six sour cherry trees along the side of the orchard. It was common for farmers to plant a few fruit trees other than apple along the sides of their fields for their own personal consumption. Sour cherries are used for cherry pies because of their firmness and tartness which is probably why they add sugar to a cherry pie to cut the sourness and tart. I tried a number of times to eat those sour cherries right off of the trees but I just couldn't stand the sourness of them. I was like the Biblical locust plagues when it came to me feasting on the fruit trees in the summer. But the sour cherry trees were safe from me. So were the crab apple trees nest to the abandoned greenhouses. Those crab apples were just so hard. I don't know how long this pint of blueberries will last but we will keep putting them on our cereal until the last blueberry is gone.

Did you happen to notice the Star Trek glass in the picture?

This glass has a picture of Mr. Spock on it. It was a gift from my daughter. She got me the complete set of four. After breakfast I was washing the breakfast dishes. I volunteered to do the breakfast dishes on week-days because Mary has to clean the rabbit cage and prepare a variety of foods for the rabbit. This is rather time consuming so I thought that I would try and help her out a bit. We both hop onto the computer after breakfast to check our emails. Mary does the dishes the rest of the time. I was trying to get the soapy sponge all the way down to the bottom of the star trek glass to thoroughly clean it. The sponge just didn't want to go all the way down so I just pushed harder when all of a sudden the glass broke giving me a nasty cut on my right hand. So take a long look at the glass because you won't be seeing it again since it broke and I had to discard it. I have to admit that the glass is quite thin and so I won't be trying to force the sponge down a star trek glass (remember my daughter got me four of them). I will use a special sponge glass washer with a handle from now on. From what I understand from Seaside that there are U-Pick-It blueberry farms in central Florida with absolutely huge blueberry bushes growing. Are there any U-Pick-It blueberry farms in Long Island? I haven't visited any of the farms here in central Florida yet. However, I did visit a U-Pick-It strawberry field south of Miami once. The strawberry plants were very close to the ground making the picking of the strawberries a back-breaking job. I have been very appreciative of strawberries ever since. Plus I have a great deal of respect for the field workers who pick the strawberries for a living. I am not sure what these field workers get paid but when it comes to picking strawberries I am confident that they are way underpaid because of the back-breaking difficulty of the work. In my opinion strawberry jam is way underpriced and is a great buy. Whenever I eat strawberry jam I feel much like Edward G. Robinson did in the movie Soylent Green. There is a scene where he relishes and savors the taste of some strawberry jam on a spoon. Edward G. Robinson was so good in the movie. He is a versatile actor and I think that I liked him best as Dathan, the chief Hebrew overseer in the movie The Ten Commandments. Now I know that he played a scoundrel in the movie but what a scoundrel his character was. Each time I watch the movie The Ten Commandments (and I have seen it many times), I always look forward to his scenes. I think that he is my favorite character in the movie. If you go to The Ten Commandments (movie) site on Wikepedia, there is only one photograph of an actor from the movie The Tenj Commandments. The rest are drawings of the other actors. And who is that one special actor? The only actor with his photograph? You guessed it; Edward G. Robinson as Dathan. Check out the site and see for yourself. And then check the movie out of your local library DVD section and watch the movie paying particular attention to the performance of Edward G. Robinson. Will I be going to a blueberry field anytime soon? I think not. It is just too hot here in Central Florida. But those of you in cool, cool Logan, Utah enjoy the cool outdoors. Have a nice day. Lew

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