Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tammy's in Love

Tammy has a boyfriend and his name is Oscar.    I don't know where he lives or where he comes from.   He wanders into the yard and works his way into the garage at feeding times to get a free meal.   Tammy has been smitten by him and appears to be in love.   Whenever he is in the yard she goes to him and lies down near him.   I am glad that she has found a friend because the feral cats were driving her crazy.   She likes Oscar but not the feral cats.   Of course the feral cats are all female.   I am not sure if Oscar has the same feelings for her because when they are together, he has been known to fall asleep.  
Poor Tammy, she finally meets a guy that she is interested in and he falls asleep.

She finally catches me taking pictures from the window.   Can't a cat get any privacy around here!
I am happy for her.   Everyone needs someone in their life.   I think that she has a friend for life (at least as long as I keep putting yummy cat food in the garage).   Have a great day and live life to it's fullest.     Lew

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