Wednesday, September 14, 2011

California Whopper

Has anyone tried the new California Whopper yet?   I have just learned of it being offered here in Orlando.   I am curious as to how guacamole sauce will taste on a hamburger.   Mary and I are going to stop by a Burger King for lunch today to try one of these California Whoppers.    This is how they are suppose to look.

But I am enough of a realist to realize that it will probably look like this.

But I will be happy if it does look like this.   After all, the taste is the important part.   And if I shouldn't care for the taste, what then?   Well, that is what they made ketchup for.   One of my favorite expressions is that with enough ketchup I can make anything taste good.   Yeah, I am one of those ketchup fanatics.    Much to the chagrin of Mary, I drown everything in ketchup.   Yeah, I prefer those fast food restaurants that have a ketchup pump rather than the little individual sealed packets of ketchup.   It takes me a long time to tear open 8 or 9 of those little sealed packets of ketchup.  I can do the same thing in a matter of seconds with three long pumps of the ketchup dispenser.   If anyone has tried the California Whopper, I would be interested in hearing what you thought of it.     Have a great day.    Lew

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