Friday, September 16, 2011

mule deer

This is Mary's latest painting which is of a mule deer.   I lived in Arizona at one time and we had mule deer there.    That is a snow covered mesa to the right of the mule deer.   Mesa's are also found in Arizona.   I use to like to climb up them because when I got to the top it was flat level walking.   There was one called Table Top Mesa that I use to climb up.    The name was quite appropriate because it was as level as a table-top on top.   Mary worked hard on this picture because it has so much detail to it.   It looks as if I could almost step into the picture.   Why don't I paint a picture?   I am left-brain dominant and therefore not artistic at all.   I once tried a paint-by-number painting of a horse's head as a child.   It came out absolutely awful and I was totally frustrated.   The only good part was that the painting made a terrific frisbee and I had a lot of fun with the painting that way.   If you had seen it, you would have used it as a frisbee also, it was that bad.   And so Mary does the painting for which she has a talent.    Have a pleasant day as we get ready to move into the fall season which has Halloween and Thanksgiving.   You just can't lose with those two holidays:  lots of candy on Halloween and lots of turkey and stuffing on Thanksgiving.   And don't forget all of the sales in stores on the day after Thanksgiving.   Enjoy yourself and be happy.    Lew

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