Monday, September 12, 2011

space shuttle tiles

I was visiting the Kennedy Space Center and prior to leaving I visited the gift shop.   I was looking at all of their various post cards when I happen to see my nephew Pete on a post card putting tiles on the space shuttle Columbia.   I bought a couple dozen of them and called my nephew to tell him the news of his fame.   He told me that he remembered someone coming around and taking pictures one day but he hadn't paid much attention to it.   I sent him most of the cards, kept some for myself, and sent some to his father who is my brother.    I always find the Kennedy Space Center an exciting place to visit.   And I still watch the rocket launches on television and then run outside to see the smoke trail from the rocket in the sky.   As I say, Central Florida is an exciting place to live.   Have a terrific day wherever you may live.    Lew

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