Wednesday, September 14, 2011

a shot in the butt

This is Charlotte who I thought was going to die.   She was weak , skinny, not eating or drinking.   When I picked her up to take her to the veterinarian she was draped over my hand like a limp dish rag.   The vet gives her a shot in the butt of some antibiotics and some oral antibiotics for me to take home with me to give her.   The results were absolutely amazing because within 24 hours she was chowing down and eating everything in sight.    Within 48 hours she was running around and playing with her sisters.    The vet worked a miracle with her.   As you can see she is now healthy and is still eating everything in sight.   She is the first to eat and the last to finish eating.    And then goes back for seconds and thirds.   Then her sister Polly gets sick and becomes lethargic and not wanting to eat.   She had an absolutely terrible eye infection.
So off to the vet I go once more.  He says that some cat hooked her next to the eye with a claw and now she has an eye infection.   And you guessed it, the vet gives her one of those miracle antibiotic shots in the butt.   And just like with Polly, within 24 hours she is doing wonderfully.   She is running around now, playing, eating and back to her old self.   Yeah, the vet sent me home with some liquid antibiotics which I put into her food.   I don't know what is in that shot in the butt that the vet gives to the cats but it is absolutely miraculous.     Have a nice evening.    Lew

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