Monday, September 12, 2011

the bunny box

This is Roebling, affectionately known as the Brooklyn Bunny.   There is a webcam site for the Brooklyn Bunny which I like.   You can visit the website also by doing an internet search for the Brooklyn Bunny.   It looks as though the Brooklyn Bunny is leading the good life.   We liked the idea of the cardboard box with the holes cut into it for the rabbit to explore.   Mary made a similar cardboard box for our bunny Benny.

Tammy the cat gets along real well with the rabbit.   Here she checks out the box to see if the rabbit is in there.
But no luck.   The bunny is somewhere else at the moment so she decides to sit and wait for Benny to come along.
But as she sits and sits and waits and waits, there is no sign of her buddy.   So where is Benny?   Benny is in the outdoor cage playing with the outdoor cat Betty.
Benny the rabbit has an interesting life because there is a variety of things for him to do.   Plus he gets to run around the house in the afternoons and evenings, and he likes playing with the cat.   Well, that is my blog for today and I hope that you enjoyed it.    Lew

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