Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is the case of the disappearing Resurrection Fern.   I spotted one growing on the camphor tree in the backyard.   The Resurrection Fern dries up during periods of drought and then comes to life when the rainy season comes.   We are in the middle of our rainy season here in Florida and so this small fern was doing quite nicely a month ago.
Can you spot it?   Here is a little help.
I took a look at the tree yesterday to see how the fern was doing.   We are in the peak of our rainy season and so I expected it to be doing quite well.  As you can see and to my great disappointment it is gone.   Not dried up, just gone.   
I can only try to guess at what might have happened.   I have seen the cats climbing in this tree and thinking that they might have accidentally knocked it loose, I checked the ground around the base of the tree.   No luck.   So maybe I will have to go on the hunt in the local parks to find a replacement Resurrection Fern.   Have a nice day if it isn't raining where you are at.   And if it is raining then just stay in the house and surf the internet and make comments on blogs like mine.    Be good.    Lew

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