Saturday, September 17, 2011

just too big

When Tammy the cat was young she use to like to lay on top of my scanner when I was on the computer.   She was small and so she had room to spare.   As you can see I would even put small towels on top of the scanner to make a soft bed for her.    She was very affectionate.   She would even lay her head on my computer table and go to sleep.
She still wants to be with Mary and I when we are on our computers, but now she lays on my printer/scanner.    But she has grown up quite a bit and now she seems to hang off the edges of the printer a little bit.
She keeps changing her sleeping spots about every 3 weeks.   Her latest spot is sleeping on top of a hassock in the living room.
But she still has that problem of being too big for even the hassock.   Parts of her keep hanging over the edge.
Plus she tosses and turns and just can't quite seem to get comfortable.   But still she keeps coming back to the hassock each night.
You have to admit that she does have a lot of persistence and determination.   And it also helps to be limber.  
Here in Orlando the temperature is suppose top get up to 91 degrees.   Of course, 91 degrees is the outside temperature.   It is much cooler inside the house and the movie theater and the shopping malls and.........!   You get the idea.    However, I am looking forward to the cooler weather of fall.   Take care and have a good life.    Lew   

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