Friday, September 3, 2010

Addie's camp

I was sitting at the dining room table in the early hours of the morning browsing my laptop for something to read. I came across this picture that I had saved. The picture always brings back a flood of pleasant memories of a place called Addie Dingman’s camp. Addie was a kind elderly woman who lived in a cabin in a rural part of New York. Like Addie, the cabin was old also. You know the kind, the wood has no paint on it and is weathered and gray. Inside the cabin the rooms didn’t have doors but just a blanket hung in the doorway. I remember that it was always dimly lit inside. No electricity. A hand pump leading to a well under the house was next to the sink and supplied us with water. The bathroom? Oh yeah, you guessed it, about a hundred feet from the cabin. She had an extremely large garden next to the house which supplied her with fresh vegetables, especially corn on the cob. Are you starting to form a mental image of the place. But what I liked best was the boat dock and a leaky rowboat (there was a tin can in the boat to periodically scoop the water out). The picture above is a replica of that place that I loved so much. I would row out onto the water for hours. What fun it was. The water was always calm and slow moving. So when I want to escape our high-tech fast-paced world, I just close my eyes and allow myself to be transported to that wonderful place called Addie Dingman’s camp. Have a pleasant day. Lew

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