Tuesday, August 31, 2010

twistee ties

What do you do with those pesky little twist ties on the bread bags? Throw them away? Seems like there must be a use for them some way. It seems a shame to discard them.

My mother was very thrifty. Everything got used. Left over mixed vegetables from supper? Yep, we got them the next night in the form of a soup. Need a storage container. Yep, an old cleaned out mayonnaise jar worked just fine. I asked my mom once why she was so thrifty. She told me that after having gone through the depression and going hungry, that she was always afraid that those bad days might return some day and so she didn't want to waste anything just in case. Well, we don't waste those twist ties. We straighten them out and put them into a couple of ceramic owl toothpick holders.

We put them to use for all sorts of things. I especially like to use them for bundling excess wire together like this computer cable that hooks my digital camera to my computer.

We don't accumulate a whole lot of these ties because we are always using them. So tell me, what use do you make of these twist ties? Just click on the comment button and type away. Have a good day. Lew

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