Monday, September 27, 2010

Downtown Disney

On Sunday, Mary and I went to Downtown Disney to stroll around for a bit and have lunch. This is one of the entrances to Downtown Disney. The parking is free. The admission is free. And the entertainment is free. The chocolate candies at Ghirardelli's emporium of fine chocolates was free. But lunch we had to pay for.

We visited one of the numerous gift shops. The first one that we went into was huge. I think that there are around 8 or ten huge rooms with each room having a particular theme. This is Mary posing next to a pirate outside the gift store.

The employees dress in colorful costumes. The one employee is demonstrating a special wand for blowing bubbles.

The bubbles are hard to see but if you look close you can see them.

This is just one of the eight rooms. Very high ceilings. The Mickey logo can be seen, one round circle for the head and two round circles for the ears.

The centerpiece is Cinderella's castle. Straight ahead there was another room and another room beyond that. To the right there was another room as well as to the left. Behind me was another room and also another room beyond that. All of the rooms were huge with the high ceilings.

I remember these candy buttons on paper at the candy store when I was young. I liked them because I got a lot for a penny.

Well Disney has them also. I spotted these while in the gift shop and they brought back memories of peeling the candy buttons off of the paper and eating them.

There is a difference though. The buttons that I got were small in diameter, the ones at Disney were much bigger. Those are rock candy on a stick above the candy buttons. And the rock candy sticks come in different colors. I liked the rock candy as a child but found it so hard and slow to dissolve. What are those tubes on the right in the picture? Marshmallow tubes. An interesting treat but I never had one as a child.

There was just so much to see and we only saw a small part of it. It was a wonderful and fun-filled day. The time passed so quickly. Since it is free we can always go back again and again. Oh yeah, we also got a free boat ride across the lake, but that is another story. Have a fantastic day. Lew

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