Monday, September 27, 2010


T-Rex. That stands for that terrible lizard Tyrannosaurus Rex. It also stands for a relatively new restaurant in Downtown Disney. We decided to have lunch there. Here is Mary holding a place in line for us.

We were worried that we would have a long wait. We asked how long it would be before we were seated at our table, and they told us 2 minutes. And they were right. Believe it or not we were seated at our table within 2 minutes. Amazing.

Immediately upon entering the restaurant we were greeted by a 20 foot tall T-Rex. The dinosaur would bend way over so that the head with its gaping mouth was eyeball-to-eyeball with me.

The dinosaur was animated with lots of different movements and roars. He was so close that you could reach out and touch him, but I passed on that idea. What a monster it was.

I got this picture because of the large caterpillar climbing on the tree. The triceratops were also animated as were all of the creatures. The dining accommodations were incredible as you can see.

But the best part of all was the ice room. It looked like real ice and was illuminated from within to give a blue glow.

Here is the entrance to the ice room.

Yep, that is Mary in the lower left corner leading the way to the ice room. It was really neat inside the ice room because there was a blue glow cast everywhere.

I think that it would be neat to dine in the ice room with the translucent walls glowing with a blue iridescence.

We looked over our menu which had all kinds of dinosaur type names to the food.

Mary had the stegosaurus steak and cheese sandwich. It was like a first-class philly steak and cheese sandwich. The proportions of meat were very generous and there was plenty to eat. I had the bronto burger which was a very large hamburger (probably 1/2 pound of hamburger) which was cooked over an open flame and had a nice char to it. I can't remember when I have had a restaurant hamburger taste this good. It was absolutely fantastic and I enjoyed every bit of it. The waiters and waitresses were fabulous (as they always are at Disney). Lunch was over and it was time to go home. We had a light supper that night because we were still full from that sumptuous lunch. The food was good and the decor was great and looked like a forest from the time of the dinosaurs. I have only praise for the T-Rex restaurant at Downtown Disney and I would recommend anyone in the area to eat there. It is really quite an experience. Have a nice evening and don't forget that today is Monday and that means there is wrestling on television tonight if you happen to live in the Orlando area. Here is hoping that your next lunch at a restaurant will be as much of an adventure as Mary and I had yesterday. Lew

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