Saturday, September 18, 2010

a mother's love

Only this toad’s mother could love this toad. He lives in the garage and is in the same area each morning when I get up. The cat usually gets me up around 5:30 each morning. When I go out into the garage the toad will hop across the room and under my tool chest.

Perhaps he (or she) lives under the tool chest. Mary actually likes the toads and frogs but I don’t. I have heard that if you touch a toad then you will get warts. Is that true? I try to find beauty in everything but I think that the toad is testing my limits. At least his mother loves him as all mothers love their children. Where would we all be without a mothers love.

Here is the feral cat Dolly with one of her kittens. This kitten looks just like Tammy with the long fluffy fur and the black and white markings.

For once Dolly wasn’t hissing at me like she usually does since she has had her kittens. She seems to be very protective of her kittens which is a good thing. A mother’s love.

Have a nice day. Lew

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mnocoee said...

Yes I do like toads and frogs, especially TOADS and I will pick them up whenever I can catch them. I think of them as little pets. I don't believe in that old wives tale about picking up toads will give you warts as I don't have any warts or bumps on my hands and I've been picking them up for years.
About Dolly the cat, well she still lets me pet her but she hisses at me when I get close to where her kittens are. Thats OK cause she has to protect her babies. I can agree with that.