Saturday, September 25, 2010

wasp food

I was admiring the yellow flower on the hibiscus plant. It is quite a nice flower. Then I noticed the wild poinsettia plants. Actually I couldn’t help but notice them since they are growing everywhere like weeds and are taking over the flower beds. I noticed what at first glance I thought was a bee on the flowers of one of the wild poinsettia plants.

Upon closer examination much to surprise what I thought was a honey bee turned out to be a wasp.

Yes, definitely a wasp. I learned something new because I never knew that wasps went after the nectar of flowers. Actually, I had never given much thought as to what they ate. All that I knew was they built nests out of either mud or a paper type nest. That is my discovery for the day. They say that you should learn one new thing each day and this day it was that wasps drink the nectar from flowers just like the honeybees do. See what discovery that you can make in your flower garden, hedge, bush, or tree. There are lots of places to look. Go in peace. Lew

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