Thursday, September 23, 2010

latest additions

Here are the two latest additions to the brood. There are only two of them. They seem very healthy and like playing a lot. However as with feral cats they are skittish of Mary and I. The one cat is just like Tammy when she was young.

This is Tammy when she was a kitten and Mary was lucky enough to catch her and bond with her. Now Tammy the cat is very friendly and likes to be around us. However, the new kitten seems to be more black and white than gray and white as Tammy was as a kitten. But they both have long fluffy hair.

Can you see the similarities between the two? The other kitten is a dark tiger stripe like the male feral cat Alex. And this tiger kitten has white socks on all four feet just like Alex. I guess that we know who his (or her) daddy is.

The mother Dolly is ever vigilant as most mothers are. It is good to see that they are eating solid food. In the bowl is dry meal and the red bowl contained milk. The dark tiger kitten seems to be climbing into the food bowl with one leg on the rim of the bowl. So that is the latest additions to the farm. I say farm because we have one dog, 5 cats, and a rabbit. Have a good day. Lew

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