Sunday, September 12, 2010

window shelf

This is the window that Tammy the cat likes to look out while lying on the window shelf. Unfortunately, the window ledge is narrow so we decided to get her one of those special shelves from the pet shop that they can lay on to comfortably look out the window. The shelf consists of a wooden board with a thick piece of foam covering the board and then a soft fleece over the thick foam. I felt it and it is very soft. She likes it but is unsure of jumping up to it. She routinely jumps from the floor to the window ledge and manages to keep her balance on the narrow ledge when she lands on it. Her balance amazes me. She never misses the ledge and always lands on the ledge on her feet.

To help her, we put Mary's chair next to the shelf as a "helper" for her.

Perhaps now that she has her own padded luxurious window shelf to lie on, she will lie on it rather then my printer/copier. She likes to attack the paper as it comes out of the printer.

Have a really great day. Lew

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