Thursday, September 16, 2010

Classics Illustrated Comics

Classics Illustrated Comics. As a child, these were my favorite comics to read. And I still like them after all these years. I am just as enthused when I read one now as when I was a child. The illustrations were great. My favorites were the action stories.

I read Caesar's Conquests again and again over the years. Whenever I would get bored I would get my stack of Classics Illustrated Comics and pick one to reread. And quite often it would be Caesar's Conquests.

For me these comics were the Disneyland of the mind. I would be magically transported 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea along with Captain Nemo on board the Nautilus. As a youth I had a very vivid imagination and would lose myself in the story that I was reading. Such excitement. Such entertainment.

And I must admit that on occasion that I actually wrote book reports for English class after reading one of these comics. I guess that you might consider these comics as the forerunner of Cliff Notes or Schaum's Outline. In a sense the Readers Digest of school students. I can only imagine what Voyager will have to say about that. LOL.

There are just so many of these Classics Illustrated stories. And of course whenever my parents went to Florida on vacation and gave me $ 1.00 a day for comics, I increased my Classics Illustrated collection immensely. They were more expensive than the regular comics but I considered them worth it. I wish that I had my collection of the Classics comics today because they have become collectors items and sell for $ 30 and up per comic. There are sites on the internet where you can download some of the comics for free (I guess that the copyright has expired). Then I found a site where the complete collection of Classics Illustrated is available on DVD and only $ 9.95. I jumped at the chance and ordered it. Now I can read and reread these comics as I once did.

Which one was my favorite? Probably Caesar's Conquests but War of the Worlds wasn't far behind.

Have some fun today. Go to your local bookstore or comic shop and get a comic to read and a Baby Ruth candy bar to eat and have a pleasant afternoon. I am. Lew


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Justin Stacy said...

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