Tuesday, October 13, 2009

break-away cake

This is a break-away cake. To eat the cake you just break off a cupcake and enjoy.

Mary made this cake last night and it will serve as her birthday cake for today. She still has about five or six presents to open yet and then we are planning on going to the movies this afternoon at the West Oaks mall. We have a coupon for our free popcorn plus a birthday coupon for a free large soda at the theater (what a savings!) and also a coupon for a free pepperoni pretzel at Auntie Anne’s pretzel place. Today is Mary's actual birthday. It is always best to celebrate your birthday on the actual day.
Yesterday we got lots of DVD’s from the library to watch and some of them are really exceptionally good. We have Showtime and The Movie Channel free for a month but there really doesn’t seem to be all that much on it that is of interest. Besides, we have literally hundreds and hundreds of channels to watch on the regular cable television. I can barely remember the early days of television when there were only two or three channels and they wouldn’t start broadcasting until the afternoon and then end late at night. No 24 hour broadcasting like now. Our first set was a Dumont black and white. Our neighbors from across the street would come over to the house to watch our television. But they didn’t do that for long. When they saw ours, I think that they went out and got their own. What a difference today is with our hundreds of stations to watch on our large high definition color television. What an agony it would be to go back to that black and white Dumont. It isn’t that the old days weren’t so good, I have just become spoiled by modern technology. Have a nice day and I promise that cooler weather is coming. "Grant me patience in waiting for the cooler weather, but hurry" as the expression goes. Lew

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seaside said...

I hope you got to see a good movie. I have been home mainly watching "Gunsmoke." I am a big fan of Marshall Dillon,Miss Kitty, Festus, and Doc Adams. I even like Newly.