Sunday, October 18, 2009

cool, chilly, cold

This is Mary tending to Benny the Bunny. She is probably looking to the left to the neighbor’s yard because the children next door are probably calling out to her. They want to see the rabbit and sometimes she takes the rabbit over to the fence so that they can pet it. The children enjoy petting the rabbit. As can be seen in the picture the wire mesh of the cage is around 1” by 4”. Except on the bottom. The bottom of the cage is essentially open with the wires being about 6” by 12” apart. This allows the rabbit to hop around on the grass which he likes to nibble on. Plus he can get all of the smells of the earth. He really enjoys it out in the yard. His cabana as I call it. He also has a large tri-level cage in the house. He also gets to run around in a room on the back of the house in the afternoons which is the dining room. His favorite past-time in the dining room is pushing balloons around on the floor. He is most friendly at night when he gets to run around on the couch. He is very friendly to Mary and likes to rub noses with her. He seems to be a pretty happy bunny. With all his fur he will probably like this cooler weather that we are having. Actually this morning it is downright cold out there. At least it was at 5:00 am when I got up. I know that is early and I sometimes wonder if I am the only person up at that time.

From where I sit in the dining room at this early hour typing on my laptop, I am facing east and so I can see the sunrise through the window. I am noticing that the sun is coming up later and later as we approach the winter solstice which is quite a ways away yet. I guess that the terrible heat of summer is behind us. Today we are going grocery shopping and hot chocolate mix is high on the list of items to get. Nothing like a hot steaming mug of hot chocolate on a cold day and warming your hands with the hot mug. And of course, don’t forget the little marshmallows floating on the top of the hot chocolate.

This morning it is grits with red eye gravy and country ham in it and biscuits for breakfast. Boy, that is definitely southern “cracker” food. If you live in the “south” then it is obligatory that you occasionally eat some southern “cracker” food.

I checked the thermometers and the temperature in the house is 68 degrees and out in the garage it is 54 degrees. Since the garage is enclosed and probably gets some heat from the house, I suspect that it is colder than 54 degrees out in the yard. But I am not complaining about the cold weather. The memory of the summer heat is still fresh in my mind. In a way it reminds of that saying of Jackie Gleason that “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor, and rich is better”. Well, I’ve been cold and I’ve been hot, and cold is better. Enjoy the cool weather while we can because we all know what is coming after winter and spring. That’s right, a hot summer once again. Go reheat your coffee in the microwave, have some chili for lunch, and make it a great day. Lew

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seaside said...

You are not the only one who gets up early. You get up at 5 in the morning and I get up at 4. I know it seems early, but you have more clarity in thought. I like working on the online majhong game. It sharpens my spotting skills. In the evening, I figure I would have more to write in my blog because I went out and did something fun. I would like to see the cold weather return. The ninety degree summer is only good for drying out clothes on the clothes line. Cool weather perks me up.